Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Movement To Public Transport!

People getting around today maybe different  for the next generation and so on and so on. In a world where economics determines some parts of our lifestyles, deciding how to get to places economically and safely may not be determined by  the individual any more.

As transport demands increases, each single days population increases, transport  decision makers may have to make extreme changes to the way we all travel. Decisions which some people may not favour and only  then we have to be accustomed to changes.

While a majority of us have the freedom and opportunity to purchase and use  a private car for personal travel, we tend to forget that every moment this vehicle moves, is every moment that fuel is being used from natural resources, to complete their journey. There will be some day, when we discover fossil fuel will be exhausted and all other  sources of fuel energy will be used up, to accommodate the transport user.

I am not a qualified Professor of any science or highly educated tertiary teacher in the field of transport and its movements. Yet in one corner of my eye I can that one day there will be millions of private cars lying idle  with little or no fuel.

So, as an expert in public transport usage, as a commuter and as an advocate. I do see the benefits of the whole community we live in Mount Druitt, New South Wales and anywhere in Australia, that more people moving towards using public transport as a means of saving more usage of fuel storage for the future.

I  don't need to prove to you that the more people use private cars, the more fuel is used.It speaks for itself. Some form of public transport that has groups of people in full capacity of passengers, is something  doing good service to the community, economy and most importantly the environment.

When I see a driver of a private car with empty seats and then there is two, three...etc...the same, I wonder how does the community benefit from this as a community, economy and environmentally?

At these current times there aren't too many people concerned of these factors. Factors that can one day stop the world not just on public transport for moving  but for the transport entirely and in general. We hear that wars of recent have been fought over  ownership of land, religious reasons (at times) and right over fuel resources research and development. Not many of the leaders of the world will say this as an outright reason for  starting wars. Anyway our leaders change in time as time requires and requirement for fuel for each leader will change in time as well, until exhausted.

So, as economics determines our means of  transport today, blind to the worldly economics is that, less transport vehicles should be used (empty) and a promotion of to a free man's state  of supplying public transport:  reliable, comfortable and safe is we should see it.  This is from the world's, Australia, New South Wales  and mount Druitt should head to this public transport promotion and movement towards it. This will provide Government focus on bringing direct networks of people travelling together with a community that meets needs of each others daily travelling life being reached.

Proper future structured and planned  public transport in Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney will create an instance and most important emphasis on moving people onto common public transport  vehicles and corridors.

When today's bottom dollar of fuel and transport expenditure will be compared to 10 years, 20 years or even more than 30 years in the future leaders and  and transport decision makers will wonder why there isn't  a bigger focus on  the wider future of expanding public transport corridors and time tables to meet future demands.

a lot of people that use on;y private cars for their journeys do not use public transport trains and buses due to the reputation they have obtained by communicating by 'Word of mouth'. If we change this dramatically and there is such reliable, economical, efficient public transport, people will purchase and use less and less private cars.

This in itself has an economical benefit and effect as there would be a sudden major increase in usage of any forms of  public transport based on the  new reputation it would have. Foremost resulting in more job creation within the industry to meet the needs of services and infrastructure required in the public transport services industry.

This will also bring better and stronger interactions between communities socially as more friends and families travel  to their work, visitation and meeting community needs.They would then be in a position to define the new public transport systems a common great reputable public transport network and system.

The 'Big Movement To Public Transport' would happen if a lot of people are 'Switched to move into public transport' for many reasons: cost factors of retaining and maintaining a private car, loss of driver taking passenger to different places, loss of drivers licence, sudden life financial loss of part income or major income, change in lifestyle or sudden financial decision made and maybe a friend/family member has had a recommendation to share journeys with them.

 A synopsis of this is while we  have the chance to grow our population into public transport, we can only do so if  e have high quality of services and infrastructure not on;y maintained but over exceeded and reviewed to met demands that meet our growing population in public transport!

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