Monday, April 22, 2013

A Lot Of Time To Get Home Yesterday!

What a long return trip from Kingsford yesterday!

For personal reasons I had to visit my mother in Kingsford and I am normally used to an average of 2 hours each way when I travel on public transport. 

The adventure was with the return trip, where I left her home at approximately 4pm - walked to  Anzac Parade, opposite entrance to University of NSW, just missed a bus 395 leaving for  Central otherwise known as Railway Square. Next bus was 393 at 4.27pm reached Central 4.50-5pm.  I walked to platform 12 to catch the train which read ( on the electronic  notice boards), 'stopping to Blacktown, Mount Druitt and then to Penrith.'

Not really checking the time, I think the train departed around 6-6.10pm, as we reached Blacktown there was an announcement made to transfer to platform 6 around 6.50pm to catch another train to Mount Druitt probably 5 -10 minute wait. I reached Mount Druitt train station  around 7.10pm and the Busways 758  probably saw the train and departed as I was running down the stairs of  leading to the bus interchange. Next bus came at approximately 7.50pm and reached Whalan home around 8.10pm. Total  time travel and waiting 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Has anyone else had stories like this they can match please tell us - lucky I wasn't dying of thirst!

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