Saturday, April 20, 2013

Comments Form Business Owners From Today's Lobbying For A Free Shuttle Bus Within Mount Druitt!

These are comments told to me today:-

  • If the City of Sydney has a supplied Free Shuttle Bus why can't Mount Druitt have one?
  • Sometimes public want to get public transport and need to get public transport to improve access to getting shops especially on hot summer nights
  • Christina fully supports the Free Shuttle bus even for herself as an employee, travelling from Castle Hill getting off at Mount Druitt and walking to Shop Smart - this can make her life much more easier.
  • Anthony - some customers do not come to his shop as there isn't a bus to bring them to Shopsmart from Mount Druitt Train Station. Even he has had employees unable to come to his business, because the there is no bus connection and they have no cars as well. He also expressed how it is also important for other employees of other business in Shopsmart, who are in the same situation.
  • Joanne - this will make the community a good community bringing everyone together and can get businesses grow and become better in Shopsmart and all around Mount Druitt.
  • Lisa - people need to have their say and this Free Bus Shuttle Petition is letting them have their say
  • Mukesh - Any  growth of public transport is beneficial  to go to more places they go to that need it. This is needed.

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