Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We Are Seeking Support From Westfields - E-mail Has Been Sent RE: Free Proposed Shuttle Bus Petition - Mount Druitt!

John Svoboda (president.mountdruitt_cig@hotmail.com)

9:33 AM 
To (name omitted on e-mail)@au.westfield.com
M/s (Name omitted),

PA to the Marketing Director,

Good afternoon, it was very pleasing to write to you about what we are doing, to provide goodness to Mount Druitt.

I am currently President and founding President of Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. We are a active local advocacy group seeking improvement in public transport. In doing so, we  have got approval from Blacktown City Council a  Mount Druitt free shuttle bus:

Just recently, we have launched our  Proposed Mount Druitt Free Bus shuttle petition so that, the community is aware  and prepared of what good we are  proposing for the people of Mount Druitt. Click , getting so much positive feedback, from all business, community organisation, churches/ religious groups around the area, Medical Centers and  also great positive feed back from other places along the  proposed route. The people of Mount Druitt deserve something good for the community,  providing a free travelling service making live easier for all commuters to make connections so easy. to get too. Politically, Mount Druitt has been neglected to provide this Proposed Free Shuttle bus service as no one had the guts to say, 'Mount Druitt is a great community to live in and the people deserve it,' even before our proposal was thought of.

On a business aspect Westfield Management in Mount Druitt, a few years ago rejected our proposal saying it is up to your group, we are not interested in supporting this proposal. I found out after speaking to someone, that knew someone that was working in Westfield Mount Druitt, they said they couldn't see it being accepted in Blacktown City Council. Not only that - it would be taking people out of shopping from Westfield. I agreed and could see where they were the one-eyed was coming from - but at that time - I was blind to something that I realised Westfield would benefit from. And I mean financially!

So that is that - very simply on our planned bus route: as it is a looping bus service that not only leaves the Mount Druitt bus interchange but arrives back  so there are more opportunities for people to  shop at Westfield. So Westfield wouldn't lose out! They would actually gain - bringing more people into Mount Druitt to shop. meet friends, reach employment interviews, government departments, community groups, doctors and  dentists, lawyers, study centres, work, leisure and sporting venues. It will be the best community link that will bring the people of Mount Druitt to provide easier access in meeting all individual needs.

We are reaching out into the community and beyond, you can check our and keep up to date with our blog. So the employees we have spoken too so far, have had a great customer service attitude toward towards myself so far an this is great;y appreciated. I firstly spoke to Melissa in the concierge at Mount Druitt and she  suggested that as Penrith and Blacktown had a Free Shuttle Bus had one - there is no reason why Mount Druitt shouldn't have one! She did advise she would refer to the Management and get back - but I haven't heard back from the Management. She thought the new Management of Westfield Mount Druitt, should be supportive towards this proposal.

Today, I went to your office at Mount Druitt, it was closed and I had to go to the concierge again (like starting again) . I spoke to Sharon  and she was pro-active and said she will refer to the marketing area of Westfield - provided the marketing e-nail but by the time I reached home, I had misplaced that is why I contacted you Lauren and  you were so proactive and sounded like you would assist us with our proposal.

We seek total support from Westfield at promoting our Free Shuttle Bus petition at the concierge and also at each any every shop, within Mount Druitt Westfield Shopping Town. If we do not get the support required from Westfield then obviously we have to publicise on our blog spot, so the community and the local press are aware. We hope Westfield take our proposal seriously time!

Transport for NSW and Blacktown City Council will work out the funding for the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus - you can check our previous blogs for our suggestions!

Also we have been in touch with the Mount Druitt Chamber of Commerce and we are getting strong vibes of support from them, which we didn't seek support last time from them.

So you can now understand how this is such a serious matter, not to be taken lightly with not only the community benefiting from it, business will prosper more and

We would like to suggest that you refer our e-mail to Managing
Director, Mr. Frank Lowy and his sons Mr. Peter and Stephen 

Lowy, whom are also Directors, for understanding that the 

decision is not just made locally in Westfield.

At this stage, as I am difficult to contact during the day at this the only time people contact myself from your company, please a response in writing  via this e-mail. Should you wish for myself to contact by phone - please provide phone and available time, even it if is from Mr. Frank Lowy.

Yours sincerely,

John Svoboda
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.

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