Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Where does Public Transport Take You?

Well it sounds  like a simple question but is it? Sometimes simple questions are not simply easy to answer.

The normal answer is in every day commuter I go from 'here' to 'there' - which the word 'here' is replaced by destination 'A' and the word 'there' is replaced by  destination 'B'. 
But really where does public transport take you or in other cases not take you? I suppose what message I am trying to portray here is, does public transport really take you (as a commuter), to your end of day destination.  Do you have front door arrival of public transport from your first destination and then to your front door of your end of day destination?

If you catch taxis or cycle, yes. If you don't no, as you may have to walk great distances just to catch public transport and same thing could happen, at the end of your day journey! This leaves you a bit short of distance of your journey from public transport travelling.

So where does public transport take you?

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