Friday, October 26, 2012

School Speed Zone Sign Stops 'New Bus Stop Sign'! from Busways

Well Whalan has more local Busways issues!

Simple request - too hard to do!

Here is the issue:

Since the bus shelter has been removed - there is no bus stop sign for more than three weeks at 
Whalan, Bulolo Dr near Ellengowan Cr2770243

This is the response from Busways Management quoted to a Blacktown CC Transport Officer-

 Busways they do not have the implements to cut into the slab to signpost the bus stop. Also if one was installed on the grass section near the garbage bin, it would not be in an ideal location due to the nearby school speed zone sign. Consequently, Busways has agreed to pass this information onto the Blacktown Depot to inform the drivers that this location is a bus stop and to stop when passengers signal the bus.

The problem is there is no garbage bin there (As Council removed it over a year ago) and  Bus Stop has been there longer than the School Speed Zone Signs - why didn't Busways think about that when they originally installed the bus stop?

Amazing!  a new Commuter won't know where the bus stop is as Busways have difficulty placing one sign up!


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