Sunday, October 14, 2012

Compliment Provided By Mount Druitt Bus Commuter

On Friday night I spoke to a local bus commuter whom I have never met before and when I introduced myself, I was astound with his reply.

I know I go out to the community and promote our group, what I fail to recognize that I am promoting the kind of person I am. That is a person that highly respects Mount Druitt as a place where there is so many good quality people, maybe people that don't use public transport but as I speak to most commuters they are already a converted public transport user. I tend to focus on what is required by the individual commuter and I know that one day, some out there will listen!

I can't make promises, I don't make promises I just lobby and love lobbying!

So what did this male commuter say to me? ' I know you as you have a  such a good profile around the area   with public transport - he has read about us in the local newspapers'.

Yes, I have raise my profile as an individual but in doing so raising the image of its members and of the group! The group is not myself it is made up of hardworking volunteers!

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