Monday, October 8, 2012

Underground Train Service From Blacktown To City - Blacktown Commuter!

A hard working gentleman called Nazer, from Blacktown travels from City Rail Blacktown  train station to Central train station in the city.

He  would prefer to catch faster train services that reach the city. At present, a majority of his trains from Blacktown train station, Westmead, Parramatta (sometimes Granville), Strathfield and the City, which is normally 1 hour service.
A maintenance worker walks to the platform from a tunnel on the Victoria line Underground railway on November 18, 2008 in London. Four million passengers use London Underground daily. 268 stations are served by the famous 'Tube'  trains on 400 KM of track.  The world's oldest underground railway is currently undergoing a multi billion pound investment programme to upgrade the track, signals and stations.

How he would like to see the City Rail Blacktown train service to City to stop at Parramatta and Central train stations, which he feels and  he is  very passionate for City Rail (which is an old rail system), to  build underground rail from Blacktown to the City, under the existing railway lines. This would not just make him happy and more satisfied, it would make hundreds and hundreds of commuters would also feel the same and have  a life benefit. 

This trip he claims would be about 30 minute trip to the city- cutting the previous time in half!

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