Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Should Fare Payers Pay For Fare Evaders!

An Emerton young commuter briefly advised myself that he feels ashamed for paying the right fare when fare evaders jump the gates, and over the barriers (quite easily) and get away with it? Or  do they?

The young fare evaders just check to see if there is a station assistant or station master around and if not, within 2-3 seconds they have the last laugh and are right over the other side.

 The worst incident  I had seen was about twenty of years ago, was a young commuter drop off the platform over the tracks , jumped over the south side of the Mount Druitt Train Station fence and  off to supposedly home 2 minutes in front of everyone else!

So the question was asked to me, why should fare payers pay for fare evaders/ My answer is one day the fare evaders will have their day!

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