Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bus Operator Rivalry Over One Bus Spot In Interchange!

We wouldn't expect rivalry exists between two bus operating companies and it does, no matter how it is! We actually expect that there are no difference, no fighting  and/or no disputes.
A Transport Officer has advised myself of a recent  dispute that is occurring between Busways and Westbus drivers and here it is:

On this side of the fence used to be the bus that rests, while the Busways Bus Driver is Time Keeping

In the distance the Busways bus driver timekeeper has his new resting place while timekeeping!

And In the No Parking zone -  West buses Park

So what's the deal? Simply Busways have been told to move the bus from  the previous resting spot as a hazard, when clearly there has been a hazard with buses hitting the fence before. This is although the Busways Bus  previous resting spot  the bus was never hit And I know West bus timekeepers used to park there. Also at a Busways 'No Parking Zone'. Now the Busways Tome has to park his bus bus further away due to West bus Management having talks over Busways Management. Maybe Transport for NSW should look into the incident and review it, this needs more policing!

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