Monday, October 8, 2012

WestConnex Connects New Motorways to the NSW Draft Long Term Transport Master Plan! Needs More Public Transport Catering!

After last weeks announcement by the Premier of NSW and the Minister for Western Sydney, Mr Barry O'Farrell, Infrastructure NSW is looking at the high part of their agenda to proceed with the WestConnex proposal to extend  both the M4 and M5 Motorways connecting and the widening of both Motorways:

Although, I have just recently studied the motor way plan, improvements win public transport will mostly be on Parramatta Road for  buses, I think there has has been one neglect on the private venture. 

That is the focus is to reduce congestion time on the road and increase private car usage, making a loop connection with other motorways and the airport and seems motorists will reap the benefits.

There is low key emphasis on public transport on the actual Motorways itself, where the NSW Government could look at  while widening the motor ways, having special bus lanes that will take express bus service/Metro buses from far out west and take the  over load from train services. It sound simple, I can hear the opposition for it from motorists but allowing buses to do express services, the NSW government is ensuring public transport is not 'left off the Motorway Ramp'!

Common sense prevails buses will not be charge tolls which could mount to $4.00 each way (my guess).  Yet if this rate of $4.00 is also charged, public transport costs will still be cheaper to commute to these destinations.

The only thing that stuns myself is the issue of the second reserve airport. Although my view doesn't represent the groups view, I'm all for public transport. When it comes to a second airport in proposed Badgerys Creek, I  feel that there will be environmental issues regarding pollution in chemicals from fuels and noise pollution that prevents me from agreeing to it. On the other hand, if there is no way we can stop an airport in Badgerys Creek, then he positive thing I can see, is it will support the Western Sydney Employment Area. In doing so increasing  job opportunities for trade and retail employment for people that need this type of employment in the Greater Western Sydney - with growth of public transport to support it. So I am 50/50 with this!

I support Barry O'Farrell proposal to place a second  airport in Canberra, with high speak rail to Sydney for support. I also support potentially a second airport in Richmond RAAF base is currently. European Countries use defense force  air bases for overseas flights why can't we do it here!

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