Monday, October 29, 2012

Western Sydney Commuter With Realistic Views ON Public Trasport

A nice gentleman (who didn't supply his name for obviously reasons), lives in Western Sydney and is a Transport Officer working as an engineer somewhere within Transport for NSW and tells The NSW Government has different protocol than 2 years ago.

One of the things the commuter/transport spokesperson advised is that in general we are behind by 10-15 years, in the introduction and implementation of new technology within our public transport infrastructure and planning. This is compared to countries within Europe, Malaysia and Japan. Malaysia and Japan have no train drivers on their rains - they are all computerised!!!!

Comment was raised that we have to have the skills and resources and most importantly the funding on covering the needs (considering handling costs) then implement the new technology. Claims politicians  and the commuters do not  that simple to make major improvements unless it is realistic.

In relation to Schofields and Riverstone - it seems to be reaction planning and to further continue the NorthWest Link to St Marys - would cost  millions of dollars to rid the toxic wastes from the former ADI site.

he also wonders as a  commuter why does the illawarra get all the new trains , where there are train station announcements, whereas commuters p the Western Line have to look outside to see what train station they are currently stopping at.

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