Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baulkham Hills Commuter - More Trains And Cleaner!

A lady from Baulkham Hills catches buses to either Seven Hills, Toongabbie or Westmead train stations to  take City Rail trains to the City and return.

Claims she would like more train services, cleaner seats in Peak times. She would like services increased to every 10-15 minutes which provides more flexibility and choice to arrive to City on time.
She also thinks that what makes it works is when there is track-work it takes buses 40 minutes from Seven Hills to Granville takes 40 minutes on an all stations stops.

This lady says she is aware that NSW for Transport has to look at statistics and give a general decision or blame not to increase services but as it is all in their hands  they have the chance if they want to do it and if not, it isn't fair!

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