Friday, October 5, 2012

Gone Is Bus Shelter After 22 Years That I Know Of

How sad is it when  people really like to destruct public items and have pleasure in doing so, when they know it doesn't affect them  and they don't care how it affects others who use it!

I don't find it hard to show emotion in creative typing, but I am deeply saddened by the recent removal of  the bus stop that I first (traveled to work on over 22 years ago), with a bus shelter that kept commuters cool in summer, tried to keep the wet rain off commuters in winter and was a resting place for the young and elderly and frail.

I anyone knows anyone that demolished the bus shelter and took it away , let me know the bolt lying in the ground are a safety issue with commuters at present will advise Blacktown City Council, so that action can be taken.  Do I  want a bus shelter for the commuters - yes - do I want a bus shelter for the commuters and  some members of the community destroy  by graffiti and then by removal - No!

Shame,  shame, shame - again the few need to be educated - can't these community members stop this nonsense and think if they were old and frail how would they feel if that happened to them?

facing from the West of Bulolo Drive
This is where bolts are left on the ground

Facing form the East Bulolo Drive - Gone!

Click here for to check the previous Bus Shelter on Bus stop 2770149

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