Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Frequent Train Services Pendle - More New Commuters - Then Less Fares!

Shane from Quakers Hill catches catches City Rail trains to Pendle Hill or to Parramatta, pending his job destination of each day.

He is seeking improvement in frequency of trains to and from Pendle Hill  in both peak and off-peak to every 15 minutes. he is aware a lot trains skip trains after Westmead to before Seven Hills as they are express train services. Especially providing more  services to  stop at Pendle Hill train station, which would make it easier for a lot of commuters and substantially reducing waiting times, especially important for him.

Shane insists that if the NSW Government increase the frequency of trains, we are going towards the right direction of increasing demand for newer commuter to catch efficient and reliable public transport. This would provide  direct relief of traffic congestion tension on all of our major roads out west and eventually the more commuters catching trains - the less the cost of fares to the general public, especially trains that run on Richmond part of the Western Line.

Editors Notes: 
The morale behind the less fares is that City Rail train services would be fully utilised to the maximum capacity,  where maybe not used to capacity as long as properly  advertised through all medias.

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