Monday, October 29, 2012

No Bus Stop Signs for Bus Stop!

Well today, we provide photographic evidence of Bus Stop 2770243 'No Bus Stop Sign!'. yet it is a bus stop.   

What surprised myself today, was a commuter waiting for a bus this afternoon and no bus stop sign. I have been advised a  female commuter ( new to the area) didn't even know there was a bus stop and has been walking further to Luxford Road. 

If Busways had done their job properly, we wouldn't be blogging today and provide other posts on the same issue - Busways obviously think Bus Stop Signs are low priority against profit!

Suggestions are to place bus stop sign on the 40km zone sign facing each way,  like this:

Or what can be done a post in the ground, as long as it is fixed - this is important:
Or even place a sign on the road, which is always visibly seen and maintained:

Next Bus Stop Shelter should look like this:

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