Friday, October 26, 2012

Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group's Recommendation To The Draft NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan

This is a good time to ask what we all need to improve public transport within Mount Druitt, we hope that people that commute on public transport within Mount Druitt appreciate the voice we are using to get what is required in public transport a comfortable, efficient and reliable public transport. Here is our submission placed  on the Draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan:

From:John Svoboda (
Sent:Thursday, 25 October 2012 11:59:38 PM

Good Evening,

We are responding to the  Draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan and would like to make further submissions, to our original submission, check out  our oginal blog:

Improvement in:

Proposal for a double story Bus Interchange as per Peter Kerr's proposal (as we have limited room for extending), refer to our blog:

Proposal  for a  Free Shuttle Bus  - Mount - proposed by young Blake bardowski:
This has been approved by Blacktown City Council 2011.

Proposal for Shuttle buses from all train stations from Blacktown LGA to  The Rooty Fireworks for Australia Day and other events as well:

Improvements in an awning from the Mount Druitt Car Park to the entrance of Mount Druitt train station walk way

Improvements at Mount Druitt train station - electronic notification of  train services and more covering/awning required to keep commuters from heat and rain - more comfort

Changes to the following  bus routes:

The group would like submission again for full bus services back in the area:

Early morning, late night, & full weekend services to run on all regular services to cater for commuters that need to  get to Sunday Fundays but can't get public transport as it doesn't start early in mornings  also commuters that need to access to jobs early during the week and weekends  and the commuters that work late shift as well.

Full service back on Busways 755 doing a loop of Shalvey via Siandra Rd, Koomooloo Cres, Sedgman cres, & Luxford Rd (this used to be the old route before the Shalvey Shops were built & the route changed) then returning to Mt Druitt.

Busways 755 or 780 to do a loop into samarai & gasmata for a full service back in that area.

Thanking you very much!

John Svoboda

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