Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Education Required For Commuters That Are Unhygienic With Public Transport

A very attentive young lady called Hayat fro Oxley Park, travels by Car to Mount Druitt and then City Rail from Mount Druitt  to Chatswood taking 1/12 hours to 2 hours per trip. She is disgusted with  the situation of City Trains in the afternoon.

Although no blame is given on City Rail, she  requests the NSW Government should investigates ways of each commuters understanding of personal hygiene and its education. This will in itself provide a better understanding of one's self-respect and most importantly the respect of others on public property.

Even a suggestion that there is on the spot fines provide to commuters who create a mess, leave rubbish behind of $50 at the first instant and if caught again $100 and so on. This would include spitting, cutting finger nails and other behaviour that is unacceptable.

 She doesn't feel getting out at Mount Druitt train station is always cleaned, with the rubbish left behind.

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