Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rooty Hill Trains Station Amenities And Possible Use Of For Ladies

Sharon from Rooty Hill travels to City Monday to Fridays by City Rail trains, has personal issues regarding the toilet amenities  at Rooty Hill.

We hope it isn't discriminatory, but  the men's toilet at Rooty is always accessible to men to use quite freely, where ladies need to seek permission to use the ladies toilets. This apparently has a detrimental affect on lady commuters, especially pregnant ladies that may not have the time to seek permission.

She claims it has been like this for the last 10 years and people do not have time to call up and complain on the 131500 line, after the event. She claims that women should have the same individual rights as men for using the toilet amenities on platforms 1-2.

Editors Notes:
My understanding of toilets, on city rail trains: is both females and males use the same toilets, being a communal amenity. As to Rooty Hill train station will refer to the City Rail, Western Line Customer Service Manager and  provide some feedback

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John Svoboda said...

I have received a response from Dimitri Hondros, City Rail, Customer Service Manager, West:

Hi John

Please be advised that the toilets on Platform 1 & 2 both male and female have a remote lock located in the booking office.

The toilets are kept locked at all times to avoid anti social behaviour and vandalism and both male and female customers are required to request the toilet be opened from one of our friendly staff. (they do this by simply pressing a button in the booking office)

The only time a toilet would be left open as described by the customer below, would be if the remote lock malfunctioned and in between repairs the toilet door was left opened.


Dimitri Hondros

Customer Service Manager West

Service Delivery Group / Customer Service - Sector 3

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