Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bidwill Train Commuter Counts On His Sleep - Knowing which station to get off on! and supports more of the'Y' train!

Phillip from Bidwill, walks 2 minutes to catch the 758 Popondetta early during the week and then travels by 2 trains services, from Mount Druitt to Fairfield. By doing this  he changes at Granville to reach Fairfield.

His return trip, in the afternoon he catches  an express train to Mount Druitt and this makes life style easier - he definitely supports the extension of the 'Y service train to Liverpool or beyond.

Phillip has an interesting way of knowing when his train station arrives as he travel on both journey and has a sleep on each journey! Yes, he has let his secret out - maybe other commuters secretly do the same thing!

He counts the number of train station stops on each journey- that is how simple it is;

From Mount Druitt to Granville - 11 stops and from Granville to Fairfield 6 stops - return trip he counts 5 stops to Mount Druitt.

Can you do this as well!

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