Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mount Druitt Car Park - In Wrong Part Of Mount Druitt - City Rail (Visitor)

Yesterday, I approached the top of the Mount Druitt Train Station Concourse, and I was approached by a City Rail (Visitor) handing out notices of the 'Opening of the Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park' which is part of the NSW Government's Transport Access Program. 

What confused myself was the City Rail representative was pointing towards the south side of Mount Druitt and I asked him is this the second Commuter car Park and he answered, 'Yes'.

Maybe he misunderstood myself! So I raced over the south side of the station checking the map on the back of the notice and it didn't match. So I raced over to him again and advised to him this is not a second Commuter Car Park, I pointed to the direction of the Mount Druitt Courthouse!

Immediately, he apologised as he said he thought Beames Avenue was on the other side. I greatly appreciated that he apologised, excited about the commuter car park opening but worried he might have given other commuters the wrong direction!


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