Sunday, October 14, 2012

Busways Come to Mount Druitt Community Festival - But Not to "Making A Statment Day' On PUblic Transport

Busways Bus Driver  at the Busways Stall
with John Svoboda
Yesterday, I was surprised and warm-heart to see that Busways were able to have bus drivers set up a stall, provide bus timetable and  basic relevant  information on their time table and services.

Not only that, they provided some fun activities in their stall for both children and adults like a cardboard do-it-yourself bus ways bus (as show shown on the side).

Although, it was good seeing representatives at the Mount Druitt Festival (from Busways), I was asking if they knew of our 'Making A Statement Day' on public transport and was replied 'No'. It wasn't that good that Busways neglected to send a representative to our "Making A Statement Day' on public transport  on the same day at the Hub.

The decision from the management of Busways not to take any interest in an organised public transport forum for the community within Mount Druitt,  is a complete disaster for them as they review contracts with NSW for Transport through the bus reviews.

Well they made their own statement shown on what they think of public transport, locally!

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