Sunday, October 14, 2012

Express Trains Required For St Marys

Michael from St Marys catches the Westbus 775/776 to St Marys train station, City rail train to  Wynyard, transfers to Museum train station and then walk to Darlinghurst for his work. Wow,  bus train walk, walk, train bus!
We don't want to end up catching trains like this!

His issues are  overcrowding issues in the peak period , afternoons - he has to walk from his walk to Wynyard instead of Central train station,  which increases his chance of obtaining an available seat for him to relax on and if not, there is standing room only on the journey home. The reason he walks to Wynyard is more commuters getting on the train at Central train station.        

Michael would like to see faster train services and more increased services to St Marys train station, so that he  and others have a better livable lifestyle. The Faster trains should stop  from Centr

He is not a 100 percent sure of  but he claims in Peak time he has a train every 15 minutes, which he feels should be every 10 minutes to St Marys via  Central,Parramatta, Blacktown, Mount Druitt and then St Marys

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