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Summary Of The NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Draft 2031 - In Respect to Mount Druitt/Western Sydney

After briefly going through the 'Draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan' - my picks from there are as follows:
  • 23.9% of  Sydneysiders uses public transport, 11 percent of all trips taken
  • City Rail carries 294.5 million passengers in 2010-2011 providing 2640 daily services weekdays and 1813 daily services on weekends.
  • 600 bus routes in the greater metropolitan area servicing 221.5 million passengers in 2010-2011
  • $127 Million to acquire 269 buses for Sydney and the outer Metropolitan area
  • 2012-2013 NSW Government investing $13.2 Billion: $360 M preparation of the South-West Link plus $3.3 Billion committed to the project net 3 years.
  • $124 m  towards delivering the new Opal Card: electronic Ticketing system -  roll out late 2012.
  • $95 M for infrastructure upgrades for the roll out of the new Waratah trains
  • $114 M on Railway clearways
  • $215.6 on major maintenance  to improve safety and reliability across the RailCorp network
  • 68% of weekday trips are made by car ins  Sydney Metropolitan.
  • Western Sydney is home to 46%  of  residents living in the Greater Sydney area of which 28% of them live in Western Sydney Centers. This makes it as a result Western Sydney commuters on average commute further to their destinations.
NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan - a new approach to transport planning

The  NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Draft is looking at various ways of improving transport (including public transport). I'll just be presenting an overview on  it in relation to public transport are try to reflect to Mount Druitt and the Greater Western Sydney.

The NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Draft is looking at working towards sustainable growth in Greater Western Sydney by  modernizing Sydney's rail network: looking at Sydney rail future and improved frequency and capacity.

New infrastructure and services  the South West link and the North West link, indicating South West will be doubling in services and tot the North West there will be rapid transit services.

Western Sydney road and bus upgrades will be implemented, optimizing North West Rail Link access with bus priority on surrounding roadworks. Improvements to road access in the South West and around Werrington to address social disadvantages

Initiate bus head start programs for bus priority infrastructures on major roads and strategic  bus networks to improve public transport travelling times to  urban centers/ interchanges.

With  Greater Western Sydney employment centers, work with local government area's and communities to support jobs and factor transport and work on a congestion solution for  Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool.

Proposals for improvement in the busiest interchanges with upgrades or  commuter car parks at Canley Vale, Fairfield, Guildford, Quakers Hill, Parramatta, Penrith, Rooty Hill & Strathfield corridor protection. 

The identification of critical corridors and  protect for the future needs, for corridor protection.

With growth challenges in Western Sydney will have to provide connectivity to local centers and global corridors of Sydney, foster economy and support growth enters. The resolution to these challenges are to improve public transport cutting  congestion,improve liveability of out suburbs/lands and growing demands and improve existing public transport networks, services and minimising travel times.

We have to ensure  that Greater Western Sydney is well equipt for the job growth by serving job growth in and out Sydney hubs as population grows, encourage job growth as it nearer to Greater Western Sydney population centers.

In so will be developing new transport corridors for Greenfield growth, supporting  new residential and growth center namely northwest growth center and also south west growth centers.

Protecting critical corridors with the transport system can develop into the future meeting changing needs of Greater Sydney customers and tackling congestion as corridors become busier.

Congestion results: 
  • Parramatta 77% - Penrith 82%, inner city 40% - private car driving. 
  • Western line in the mornings 130% seat capacity
  • Growth  2001-2012 7% increase
  • Blacktown line capacity 150%
  • Resulting in  reduced reliability in public transport.

Mount Druitt is planned to be a major growth center as western Sydney is home  to 46% of  Sydney residents and 28%  covering Sydney job. western Sydney residents , 72% want to work closer to home. Parramatta hub represents 15% (26%  travel to and from work using public transport), of all public transport trips made.

Western Line - Parramatta reaching capacity - greater Parramatta 100,000  jobs potential for growth. West of Parramatta, population growth leads to leads to increased travel demands.

Travel times to be be increased in North Mount Druitt by  10 minutes 2001-201 permit. 53% work outside the area, jo workers to increase from 2006 - 20,000 to 2031- 31,000, currently 27,000 travelling  on morning peak, currently northwest connections are poor. Public transport estimate to remain at 16% to 2031 even  in relation to increase of population rate.

Western Line: once the Northwest link is complete, this will reduce travel time  20 minutes per hour travel to City from Strathfield, create an extra 3.600 passengers per hour. Once the second Harbour bridge tunnel crossing is completed, then there will be an in crease in capacity  of 35% - extra 14 trains per hour which brings better connections between Parramatta- Penrith-Liverpool.

Local Councils to have input with bus issues in influencing public transport mode share, walking. cycling -involving the Regional Organisation of Councils and individual Councils to agree to generate and co-ordinate plan that will align with state rail needs.

Greater Sydney bus priority in the short term corridors Penrith to Blacktown and Mount  Druitt to Penrith which will provide strategic bus net work providing access to regional centers and to new growth areas. Improvement will be made to frequency and roadworks to improve speed and  flow of buses.

Future options and improvements  for Mount Druitt to Blacktown via Western Sydney & Mount Druitt to Castle Hill to Nor-West Business  Park and Western Sydney  Employment Area to Macquarie park via West Ryde.

Medium term plans are to improve the  bus fleet infrastructure, services and investigation of bus transport in the Greater Sydney and reducing waiting times and barriers to interchanges in both low density and high density urban areas, extended operating hours and coordinated time tables. Buses and potential for light rail to meet customer needs.

Customer contracts that respond to customers priorities: integrated ticketing system, timetable coordination, improved customer information and  services in larger regions.

Bus corridors - Penrith to Blacktown, Mount Druitt to Penrith and future : Mamre Road St Marys to  Kemps Creek. Improvements in the connected cycle ways networks,  completion of the M4 Motorway, Regional cycle way from Wentworthville to Parramatta.

Provided will be  better connections and improvements in the CBD and corridors of Greater Sydney and encourage will be provided to business to locate in Greater Sydney and reduce the  needs  and reduce the need to travel long distances to work.

Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith: 3 regional cities for employment growth areas to have  essential services, shops, entertainment, venues and cultural activities. Support with adequate public transport connections which attract businesses and jobs. Good public transport services offer s support for  high density development reducing reliance on car travelling.

Integrate rail and bus solutions on regional buses helping to develop emerging  transport corridors over time. Extend 30 minute catchment targeted  bus priority improvements on the road net network, pinch point management with the rail new time table 2013, within 30 minutes of Parramatta by public transport.

Local buses  Penrith/Liverpool corridor - development of regional industries , transport hubs of Western Sydney improve access to improve healthcare and education, encourage agglomeration around competitive local businesses.

Bus head start program will plan, develop  and operate new strategic corridors for example, Mount Druitt to Schofields via Marsden Park. Western Sydney road upgrades - none planned directly in Mount Druitt.Upgrades in Marsden Park, Richmond Road.

Future Corridors:

  • Marsden Park to Mount Druitt to Western Sydney Employment Center to Fairfield, helping  to commute to the South West Rail Link.
  • Blacktown to Fairfield requires improved bus services
  • Blacktown to Western Sydney Employment area requires improved bus services and coverage across the day

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