Saturday, October 6, 2012

Plumpton Commuter Who Travels And Travels... Requires More Trains on Bankstown Line!

Regents Park Train Station
A happy Mani from Plumpton,  hard-working young gentleman  travels by Busways 756 to Rooty Hill train station, catches the City Rail train  to Lidcombe and transfers to the Bankstown line to Regents Park train station and returns in  afternoon. 

If all goes well, it takes him 1 1/2 hours for one journey , but if connections are missed  for any reason there  could be a half an hour wait to reach Regents Park. Not all trains go to Regents park Station on the Bankstown Line and yet the line become busy with commuters travelling to the city. Berala the station before Regents  Park is becoming very busy and should assist NSW Government to provide  more frequency trains to Berala and Regents Park, reducing travelling time and  increasing the prospects for more commuters to jump onto the City Rail trains.

Editors Notes: His request is understanding as Regents Park is only  two train stations away from Lidcombe train station

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