Friday, October 5, 2012

Baulkham Hills Commuter U-Turn Traffic Corridors!

Paul from Baulkham Hills has to commute from Baulkham Hulls or Sevens Hills  to Home  at Baulkham hills. pending where he drops the company vehicle.

He catches the hills Buses 630/604  not both from Blacktown. This is the situation his last Hills bus 630 is 5.46 and if he works overtime and misses this bus to take him to Baulkham Hills (40  minute trip) then he has an inconvenient U-Turn changed in direction to make in using public transport to get home from Blacktown.

He then has to catch the City Rail train to Parramatta and then catches the Hills bus 604 to Baulkham Hills creating further extension of time and frustration to get home. The improvement he would like to see is the Hills bus  630 extension s for another 2 hours even though it could be an  hourly service and claims no services on weekends - would like to see weekend service with this bus as well. 

His wife works in Blacktown as well and she fcels the same problem as well when she works late and also commutes the way he does if she misses the Hills Bus 630 bus.

Editors notes:
I mean why should he and his wife catch 3 modes of public transport if there was proper serviced buses to cater for his requirements.

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