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Further Details In Relation To Obtaining A Blacktown City Council Draft Integrated Transport Management Plan Summary - I'm surprised!

Well as advised before  you can get a copy of the Blacktown City Council  Draft Integrated Transport  Management Plan Summary, now with ease. On Monday I was instructed  by a Council Officer that the  copies were sent to Mount Druitt and Blacktown Libraries and there would be Council advertisements in all local papers covering Blacktown LGA.

So I rushed to the Blacktown Max Webber Library and was told by the kind customer service officers that there is no exhibition and  no one knows where they are - after she checked with the Library Management - then she rang to speak to Customer Service Officer from The Mount Druitt Hub Library. Was advised they don't know of  any  documents that they had received. I wasn't upset. I was confused that an important document has been delayed and  not properly placed in the  libraries for exhibition by the  launch of the exhibition on the 25th September 2013.

I have been speaking to people at work and  on trains and buses promoting  this  important plan for future of Transport and public transport. I do understand that Council may be limited in how they can get the word across, I thought they would be  going out to Libraries having community meetings, publicizing the importance of people can have their say. But it it  just a few copies left on the table of a library and no poster, no announcements - that is no advocating for this just leave it that way.

Now  I believe that  copies have been received at all libraries with Blacktown City Council as follows:

Your Library

Here is the actual details on the BCC Draft Integrated Transport Master  Plan - The First Of Its Kind In Blacktown

Public Exhibition

Draft Integrated Transport Management Plan

Exhibition Period:25 September, 2013 to 26 October, 2013
File No:46-24-5/4
Contact Officer:Abdun Noor Senior Traffic Management Officer


The Integrated Transport Management Plan (ITMP) is a document that will help guide the development of the Blacktown City transport system over the decades to come. 
It sets out a vision for a transport network in response to growth within and outside of Blacktown City which is sustainable, equitable and convenient. 
The challenge for Blacktown City is to cater for the transport needs for the predicted growth of the City to approximately 500,000 people and 180,000 dwellings by 2036. Whilst road infrastructure improvements are highlighted the plan also recommended a shift away from the reliance of car use towards more sustainable transport modes such as walking, cycling and public transport in order to cater for the forecast demand. 
The Draft Blacktown ITMP presents a plan to support Blacktown’s 2030 vision with action plans for short, medium and long term time frames consistent with community values and vision, and also consistent with broader State and Federal government policies. The ITMP also reports on the analysis undertaken for increased population and employment densities in the City’s four Urban Renewal Precincts, i.e. Blacktown City Centre, Mount Druitt, Rooty Hill and Seven Hills. 
This ITMP details improvements and upgrades to the Transport Network that will be required by the year 2036. The Integrated Transport Plan has been prepared based on a review of State Government policies, including the NSW Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036 and NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan. The formulation of the Integrated Transport Plan has also considered other local strategy work, particularly the work relating to residential and employment lands development. 


The exhibition period will run from 25 September, 2013 to 26 October, 2013. Parties wishing to make comment on the Draft Integrated Transport Management Plan are invited to forward written submissions to Council by 4.30pm on Saturday, 26 October, 2013, quoting file reference 46-24-5/4.
Submissions can also be forwarded to Council via email at

A submission by way of objection must set out the grounds of the objection. Any information included in submissions may be made available to third parties in accordance with relevant legislation. A Disclosure Statement must be lodged by any person making a submission where a reportable political donation or gift has been made to certain people or organisations within 2 years before the submission is made.

Further information in relation to when a Disclosure Statement is required, and a copy of the required form to make such a Statement, is available here or from the Blacktown City Information Centre on telephone number 9839 6000.


All enquiries should be directed to Abdun Noor Senior Traffic Management Officer on (02) 9839 6000.

I have checked a local paper so far and found no adds relating to this so far - this may be interesting!

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