Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sydney Trains Underpasses or Overpasses To Eliminate Issues When Occurring On Different Lines - Rooty Hill Commuter!

Marie from Rooty Hill only catches Sydney Trains to Town Hall (and return) on a working day. When there is a problems and  incidents with trains - all lines or different train lines are affected.
 Railway Bridge overpass near Central

There has been different projects - Marie thinks that great consideration could be made by Sydney Trains and Transport For NSW construction  cross over or cross under lines (creating an under pass similar to tunnels  on West side of Parramatta train station), where for example the Western Line  crosses over the Cumberland line.

Here is an example of an under pass

By providing this public transport major improvement this should be constructed immediately, so that when incidents occur on different lines, it will not directly affect other lines and Sydney Trains time table will be kept to time table rather than the entire whole system goes at stand still or thrown into chaos.

Another issue Marie says she has is  not all trains do not have air-conditioning which provides discomfort  in peak hour and is inconvenient when  she and others catch overcrowded trains. The idea should be all trains should be checked to have all trains carriages properly maintained for air-conditioning on the Western Line.

Although she would like these improvements, coming from a 3rd World Country,, she appreciates that in her country she doesn't have  a train network at all and appreciates having  travelling ob public transport trains to get to  and from work. Comparing to Hong Kong and Singapore , our trains network and system is still behind the times but we are getting there!

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