Saturday, October 26, 2013

Commuters Need To Understand Sydney Train Stoppages Or Disturbances On Trips!

A  hardworking Eric from Mount Druitt starts early in morning and spends 10 12 hours per day working - including travelling time. He walks to Mount Druitt train Stations and uses Sydney Trains  to get to and from Central train station.

At first he said he didn't have any improvements or issues to think of  as he does sympathise and understand where there is  travelling connection problems that occur.

He claims when these stoppages occur, commuters should be completely calm and relaxed as is it up to everyone how you deal with it and being over upset will not solve the issue.

The advice to commuters  is they need to go with the flow if the is a disturbance on a trip, as it is part of life that these things may happen. Sydney Trains will intensively go out of their way to solve these situations.

Commuters need to understand that  as we listen to announcements  and told of resolutions being made to solve issues, then eventually we will get home or to work or the ultimate destination we want to get to. They will ensure they do their best to ensure that all commuters are calm, relaxed and  are in easy sedate atmosphere, making sure that commuters do not get upset easily, so that there is understanding of  what they are doing to make the situation better. Place yourself in their job before you criticise!


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