Friday, October 18, 2013

Electronic Indicators On Each Sydney Trains And Cheaper Train Fares Compared To Adelaide!

A virgin male commuter called Salman, from within our local area had yesterday been travelling on Sydney Trains for only 3 days.

Today  he was travelling from Mount Druitt and return to Wynyard for a job interview and made sure he reaches his destination early, preparing himself for the interview. Originally recently moved  from Adelaide, comparing public transport trains fares with Adelaide, fare are more expensive in Sydney.

In Adelaide commuters use a  'Metro Card' and pay $1.80 for a 2 hours of public transport usage, which in buses as well. Today it costed him $9.00 return for his journey. He thinks that the difference is in  Sydney there are more commuters using Sydney Trains rather than Adelaide which may fewer commuters.

After using public transport in Sydney he is now considering  to purchase a vehicle and travel by private transport. I explained to him of the  fares which may be cheaper overall and this may change his mind to  keep on using public transport!

In the three days he has been travelling on Sydney Trains, he has noticed that  not all train carriages have electronic indicators inside the carriage and as a new commuter he has to listen to  announcement at train stations to understand when his  train station is approaching. He says to reduce cost NSW for Transport could look at installing these electronic indicators on train carriages rather than supplying new train carriages temporary, this would  allow commuters like Salman (new or virgin commuters), with a better knowledge of where he is heading while on its journey.

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