Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where Do You Obtain A Copy Of The Draft Blacktown City Council Integrated Transport Management Plan Summary?

This is where you can view as a summary what Blacktown City Transport Planners are doing for the future. Where do you find a copy of the Draft Blacktown City Council Draft Integrated Transport Management Plan: Easy, the answer to this this question is as I know is:

  • Front Counter of Blacktown City Council 
  • Blacktown City Council Max Webber Library
  • Mount Druitt 'Hub' Library

There will be paid advertisements in the all local  newspapers in all of Blacktown Local government areas, which is a great way to get the message across.

I personally would like to see posters at all 12 Blacktown City Council train stations, inclusive of  bus  interchanges and advertisements inside buses and promotions at major shopping centres within Blacktown City Council. I could not see an exhibition stand at Blacktown Council Max Webber Library. I also assume that the same documents is at all   other libraries around the area.

Click Here for details of Draft Blacktown City Council Integrated Transport Management Plan

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