Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Glenwood Commuter More Frequent Trains On The Sydney Trains T1 Line

Riz from Glenwood  drives his car from home to the Seven Hills Commuter Car Park and then travels via Sydney Trains to Town Hall and return Monday to Fridays.

 He would like to see improvements in frequencies at peak times and allowing for train to speed to destinations. Currently, if he misses a train he has to wait 10-15 minutes in south East Asia train services are single-decker carriages and run every 2 minutes. 

In UK there single-decker trains  providing efficient services with short frequencies and if this happens this reduces safety and security issues on platforms, were muggings could occur while waiting for trains. Thus creating less waiting times and  a safer  public transport community, which is important to him as well.

Save Our Bus Services

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