Friday, October 18, 2013

More Newer Trains on The T1 Western/North Shore Line - Oakhurst Commuter!

John from Oakhurst travels to Westmead/Parramatta visiting friends twice or three times a week and also Busways 754 to get to Mount Druitt and return.

He uses the application  on the 'I phone' to check when trains and buses are coming and has checked out the new time tables starting as from 20th October 2013, so he thinks this fantastic for Sydney Trains.

 The item he would like to see improved is that either more never trains that have the electronic indicator boards, whilst seeing when the next train station is arriving, provides more comfort to each and every commuter. When he brings his young son with him it does make it that much easier knowing and understanding when his destination is arriving, makes his younger son  travel in better comfort. He would now like to see more newer trains on the T1 Western/North Shore line.

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