Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seat Hoggers And Seat Pushers - Minchinbury Commuter!

Mariah from Minchinbury a university student travels by Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt and return to Central and return.

The ride on the trains are alright. The issues she has is when people play too much loud music and would quite carriages on each end of train carriages reaching Mount Druitt. 

Mariah also detests 'Seat Hoggers' that use bags on seats in peak times to prevent other commuters to sit down. She claims people should be more polite to allow others  to sit down where there is room.

 She also has issues with seats being full and mostly women want to force their way to a seat that doesn't have room for them to sit down. This happens especially hen there are long seats close to the doors, at each end of the trains!

What do you think - do you face these issues - do you have a suggestion to sort these problems?

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