Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Busways Buses Replace Westbus Buses In NSW Bus Region 1 While Head Office Watches In Secret!

Station Busways Bus With The Sydney Buses colors

While Busways  has now taken over the NSW Bus Region one are as from 6th October 2013,  which has no direct affects  to commuters with running of buses, we understand that full credit goes the Busways for spending the entire last weekend in changing the Westbus logo's over to Busways logo's everywhere on the buses. I think the idea is to reduce the confusion to commuters who may not be aware of the major operational changes.
 So do not get confused with the yellow buses anymore!

 Meanwhile while Bus Time Table checking is completed by employees of Busways. Busways Head Office Managers are checking the Mount Druitt Bus Interchange out. I just caught the car they were sitting in on the left side of the right picture here.

It is a bit like spy versus spy but it isn;t

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