Thursday, October 17, 2013

Job Advertising Should Be 'Aloud' On Sydney Trains!

Yes that right, overhearing young people on the train coming back from Parramatta last night, I was so alarmed how they were so excited about speaking about their jobs and even one young lady was a bit disheartened when she lost her  job that day.

Anuja from Blacktown was very inspirational as she comforted her fellow commuter, who lost her job today. Another young male commuter talking with them said, 'Don't worry, you will get another job!' and was supportive to the young lady.

Anuja suggested that young people should talk in groups on the Sydney Trains (not on quiet carriages) aloud indicating that they are  seeking jobs, if there doing so. 

This is so listening potential employers, could offer their services to the people seeking jobs. All they want them to do is listen to them! She didn't suggest to have special areas on the train dedicated to these commuters as some people could take an unfair advantage on these commuters!

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