Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bus Drivers Require Better Training & Education To Prevent Lateness To And From Bus Interchanges!

Another lovely commuter Evelyn from Dharruk had a very quick simple conversation as how she would like public transport improved. She travels by Busways 758 from Dharruk to Mount Druitt and then Sydney Trains to Parramatta return.

Evelyn  confirmed she has signed the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Bus shuttle petition and was proud in doing this as it is a much need service that is required for the people of Mount Druitt.

She would like to see more buses that is improvements in time tables and scheduled bus services to mostly avoid delays as sometimes this happens  to her and she claims the best way to probably solve this is to have bus drivers provided with better training and education. This then makes then aware of interchanging to change trains or visa-versa.

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