Friday, October 11, 2013

Empty Train At Peak Hour Yesterday Heading Hone - Unusual!

Allan, a retiree from Mount Druitt, explained to myself yesterday when he arrived at Wynyard Station he was advised to catch a train  to Strathfield to then catch the Western Line train to Mount Druitt.
 The train he caught came from Epping and arrived at Wynyard. According to him there may have been an announcement as to why there was no direct train from Wynyard as the announcements were made on the platform and he  doesn't remember if the reason for 2 two was announced.

 His issue he hopes is solved with the train time tables is coming from from the city at around 3.25pm it is an all train stations to Mount Druitt (which takes time), he was hoping the new train time tables did reduce the number of sopping stations at that time as next train is about 20 minutes away. He will check the Sydney Trains new train tables in the mean time.

Check out the train from Parramatta that had hardly any commuters in this train, I was wondering if the next Sydney Trains journey (to Mount Druitt) would have been packed?

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