Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sydney Trains 2013 New Time Tables Feedback - Oakhurst Commuter Wakes Up Earlier!

We are starting to get some feed back on the  NSW Governments Sydney Trains new time tables. Today, I spoke to Mosen from Oakhurst and he has advised that for him the  train time tables will make him wake up earlier!

He caught Busways bus 754 from Oakhurst to Mount Druitt at 6.53am (old time table) and reached Mount Druitt prior  to 7.23am. Now the train service to North Sydney from Mount Druitt is now at 7.20am, he has to get the bus at 6.30am to reach the earlier train. This is because there is a highly likely chance that his bus service will not allow him to reach that train, as it stops at a lot of bus stops picking up commuters. He suggests that there should be a bus service at Oakhurst at around 6.45am- 6.50am and this would make it easier for himself, rather than waking early to get to work.

His only issues with the new 7.20am Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt to North Sydney is there is a lot of overcrowding on this express train service and very rarely does he get a seat on the train at Mount. Mosen says  if you catch this service and you don't have a seat at Mount Druitt, next  available seat is Central.
The solution to this is  provide additional  one to two carriages and then 90% of standing commuters of Mount Druitt's 720am train service will be able to sit down.

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