Thursday, October 3, 2013

Found The Website Extension Of North West Rail To Mount Druitt Ending At Leppington

Today, I had some time off and  decided to investigate where on the world wide web can I and others find the NSW proposed  2nd Stage of the North West Rail Link, extending from Cudgegong Road Train Station, then onto Marsden Park, then into Mount Druitt?

Firstly, being a simple person, I went onto the North West Rail Link   Click here for the North West Rail Link and logged in and  couldn't find any details pertaining to what I was looking for. Last resort was to call them on 1800 019 989.  

Well, I will say they have some lovely and polite employees working there as I spoke to Celia, at first probably thought ''What was I this person asking for (as she is working on the current project for the North West Rail Link)?"

But as she promptly called back in less then an hour she  confirmed the Manager in charge of this  new project is Mr. Peter Bourke. He attended the Blacktown City Council Community Transport Forum less than 2 weeks ago and was the person that made the proposed announcement.

Cecelia has then lead myself to the website that is promoting the extension of the North West Rail Link Click here for North West Options .

So it is final proof that here it is:

Planning North West Sydney's Future Public Transport Needs

The NSW Government has announced a public transport corridor into Marsden Park will be secured for future generations.
Earlier this year, two options were identified to secure a public transport corridor from the end of the planned North West Rail Link at Cudgegong Road – one route toward Marsden Park, the other toward Riverstone.
Following major community consultation over the past six months, Transport for NSW will now move forward with securing the Marsden Park corridor.
The corridor has been further refined and Transport for NSW will now move forward with finalising the planning rules to protect this corridor.
As part of longer term corridor planning through the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan, a further transport corridor has also been identified for further investigation from Marsden Park – through to Mount Druitt, to the Western Sydney Employment Area and then to Fairfield and Leppington.

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