Friday, October 18, 2013

Young Commuter Fined On Train Station As He Smoked!

A young man I met on the bus yesterday said that as he was originally from Queensland, he was smoking a platform in Mount Druitt going by Sydney Trains for an interview, when he was approached by Police Officers and charged for $400.00, as he put out his cigarette butt. His issue there was no signs in the vestibule area otherwise he would not have smoked, yet there were some signs on the platform (small as they are).

Why this came up is because I gently advised him at a bus stop the  new laws in place and for not smoking 4 metres from a bus top etc. Although I advised  the practice of the law in our area has not been policed or enforced for fines up to $550 (on the spot), this young person  is to commended for  speaking to me about this in a nice orderly fashion, there needs to be more young people like him!

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