Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mount Druitt Village Commuter Needs More Community Members to Catch Buses

Yesterday I met Piatima  catches Sydney Trains from Mount Druitt Village travels to and return to Parramatta during the working day week and sometimes catches the current Westbus 774 to Mount Druitt. 

Her main issues are if a train is running late to time table getting home there is a half an hour wait to catch the 774 home,  to solve this problem she claims extra services are required but then stated there is little or low patronage on this bus when going home. So there needs to be a big  push to move more people to catch public transport.

 She then stated that she also had issues with the new Sydney Trains Time Tables with the train leaving at  around 7.17am - she noticed it was an all stops to Parramatta,  when she currently catches the  Express service to Blacktown and then Parramatta. As we examined the  new time (that I had obtained), I noticed she didn't check the previous page where it showed at the same time of 7.17am there was an Express Train Services time tabled to go to Blacktown and Parramatta. She then apologised and  was happy that her issue wasn't an issue with the new Sydney Trains time tables.

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