Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sydney Trains - East to West Train Services Do Not Match - Acacia Gardens Commuter!

Normally, I starting saying 'Wow!'  but after speaking to Reshma today from Acacia Gardens, I say "Wow, Wow and Wow!'

When I go on trains, trains and even footpaths  talking to people I have never met before, not only is it amazing it is incredible how people react, mostly in a pleasant and very interesting manner. I think they think I am a reporter but I'm not! By bus 10 minutes and by car over 20 minutes  travelling time!

Reshma travels by Busways Bus T71, T74 & T75 to Blacktown Train station and then travels by Sydney Trains to Town Hall, changes line to Edgecliff and return, on a working day week.

Taking a bus trip to Blacktown is less stressful then traveling by car leaving home hitting congested traffic and then finding parking, finally walking to the train station. This itself is more time consuming then  using public transport.

She is amazed how in Sydney, Sydney Trains provide different service is extreme different parts of Sydney. In Edgecliff train services are between every 3-5 minutes between each other then Blacktown train station. If she misses trains at Blacktown  then the waiting period could be up to 20 minutes which could make her run late for work.

Yet as a commuter that has traveled for years on public transport she understands that there can be hiccups, in relation to valid train delays. Overall she finds public transport a comfortable way to reach from to get to her destinations and is  great economical way to providing savings instead of using cars.

Reshma is happy to relax on Sydney Trains and  Busways bus buses. If someone of her friends offered to drive to and from work, she would deny them the trip as she enjoys public transport travelling a lot.

I found Reshma would be such a great promoter of advertising public transport for the Greater Western Sydney and even NSW.

Sometime she stands on pack train carriages on the return trip home and claims a lot  people are commuting on Sydney Trains. Before more people use the Sydney Trains services, we need to have increased train services matching the Sydney Train services to Edgecliff.

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