Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Busways New Bus Depots And Now All Bus Drivers Covering all of Sydney Bus Region 1- Mount Druitt- St Marys Standard!

The new changes in Busways taking over the bus operation of Bus Region 1, is going to test the limits Busways can provide to provide  efficient , more reliable future and we will see what they will do  to promote public transport and travelling on local buses to in crease patronage as well. Busways have  a 3 year trial with an extension of 2 years if successful, so honest good  feedback whether it  be negative or positive must be provided by the local community through our group, comments on any published blogs and using the 131500 website and phone.

Here is the  article from the Mount Druitt St Marys Standard:

Tell us what you think. There will be confusion as from the 6th October 2013 with some local bus commuter not catching Busways buses as they have been used to catching  Westbus buses. In time that will be reduced!

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