Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blacktown Local Environmental Plan Draft - To Facilitate Population by 2036

The Draft Blacktown Local Environmental Plan (BLEP) for 2036 is a detailed report organised by Council Officers of the Blacktown City Council and focuses on a dramatic population increase in three main hubs Blacktown; based on population growths as follows:

                                                             2006              GROWTH  INCREASE                           2036

BLACKTOWN                                 114,000                                  55,100                             170,000

MOUNT DRUITT                             96,700                                   33,300                            130,000

NORTHWEST                                   75,600                                 140,000                            230,000


 TOTAL                                             271,000                                228,000                             500,000                                                                     

My only issue is, we have 5 local Council boundaries and  within the Council Boundaries in the plan they subdivide into 3 sectors. I personally think that when you divide the Northwest Sector into 2 - like they have in the bottom sector of the plan from Mount Druitt in the west to Blacktown in the East.

Most of it  is in reference to accommodate the future  population by creating higher density housing, in the centre of the  urban towns. How does this affect public transport - not much talk about as it stands. I'm sure this will come out in a broader plan.

I do note that commuter car parks are retained  in Both Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill urban hubs!

Click here for further details on Draft BLEP

Also you can visit your own local Library within  Blacktown City Council

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