Monday, March 4, 2013

Is The Commuter Car Park A White Elephant? Has It Helped With Alleviating Parking In And Around Mt Druitt? - Mount Druitt Standard

Interesting comments made on the  Mount Druitt Facebook group in relation to the Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park:

  • Rodney Stubbings That is because people tend to park along the road waiting for people from the trains instead of parking in the carparks. If my eyes see right it is a drop of and pickup for a few minutes not for the amount of time they sit there.
  • Tania Goulden Bailey There isnt enought disabled car parks anywhere around mt druitt!!
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  • Linda Hayward it's not big enough
  • Victor Phillip Zammit waste of bloody money
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  • Marion Brown I have driven past the car park on a number of occasions and seen plenty of empty spots whilst the spaces at and around the station are full.. I think people just can't be bothered walking the short distance from the car park to the station.
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  • Joanne Mosley get security in it then mayb people will use it,,ohh but then we will have to pay
  • Emma Lee No...its a white elephant....
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  • Edmond Atalla Some comments contradict "not big enough" "plenty of empty spots". Which one is correct?
  • Nate Nelson people are going to park either closer to the train or where its free no matter where a car park is. people just park where they like and always will
  • Amber Hart hell no was expecting it to be much bigger i went to try and park there today and no car parks
  • Tanya Baranyik it COST ENOUGH BLAMY LOL
  • Karen-Mishelle Copeland Especially in bad weather it is too far to walk to the station when there is no undercover foot path. Rather catch the bus & get dropped in the shelter of the interchange than leave my car up the road & risk getting wet when I come home.
  • Kathryn Weigand well tell the pub to get rid of the guy who sits at the entrance waiting to collect money to park what a joke that is
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  • Alan Perkins If they were serious we would have had a car park built over the bus interchange and station...
  • Jean-Francois Svoboda As President of Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc, we were told that it has been built so the foundation can take another 2 storeys - This Conmnuter Car Park was initiated by the previous Statte Labor Government - Theere was a low key opening and most the suggestions and which was great - we asked - I will take these points to the City Rail Western Line Manager and get back to you!

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