Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Light Suggestion To Improve Local Public Transport - Whalan Commuter!

A Whalan Commuter whom I have know for many a years, bumped into me and  made a mind blowing suggestion and I showed him  our Free Bus Shuttle Petition.

Although he advised he will take  petition around the area and support, he claims we need a dramatic change in the way public transport is running in all local communities, especially Mount Druitt. It was a form of public transport that is mostly neglected in Western Sydney as there is little or no hope of getting it, the attitude of  commuters that would  like it.

The idea is simple in thought but complex to arrange and provide the change  Looping Light Rail to main Roads on Luxford Roads and Carlisle Avenue and then Luxford Road looping onto Rooty North Road and link to Carlisle Road.  Three or four  bus routes travelling around suburbs linking to the Light Rail on Luxford, Carlisle and Rooty Hill North roads. And finally the Light Rail linking to Mount Druitt Train Station. 
By now I hope you understand what he is asking for and  for some it would be multiple modes of transport would the negative to this but  the services would be between 5-10 of each other with people leaving cars at home an/or not even  purchasing cars at all.

What are your thoughts?

Editors Notes: Would you believe  that young Blake Bardowski has  created  his idea for a Western Sydney and   Sydney Light Rail. His proposal is similar in relation to the Light Rail. He thought about this almost 2 years ago - I don't think it should past-over by the NSW Government.

Blake's Idea of Light Rail - Click here!

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