Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Prime Minister Travels in and around Rooty Hill But Not On Public Transport!

 A nice young  lady Cam from Rooty Hill is aware our lovely Prime Minister Julia Gillard is in Rooty Hill, yet is wondering why  instead of  future great public transport why not try out our current public transport, trains and buses to understand what people are  going through.

Although Cam was shocked that for 2 days we have had nil response from the Prime Minister of Australia for the support of our local Free  Bus Shuttle, other s may not be should as we all expect little or no support from our leaders and peers that run our nation, state and  local community. Although, in due time maybe before the declared Federal election in September 2013, will the support be provided. One or many can only hope!

I have seen Federal Member for Lindsay, David Bradbury catch trains before, in the early morning - unbeknown to him I was and still am a public transport advocate. He appeared to be busy reading and discussing matters, with the lady that accompanied him. This I found to be very pleasing and it also appeared, no one else knew who he was around him!

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