Friday, March 8, 2013

Shuttle Bus Petition Spreading The Word - List of Community Groups And Businesses

Wow, just a small walk around and  there is strong business and community feelings to support our Free Shuttle Bus Petition. A majority of Businesses are taking up the petition, as this represents time outside Westfield Shopping Centre. The vibe is positive, the interest is there.

I remember, nearly two to three years ago, when I spoke of a Free Shuttle, to young Blake Bardowski and he took in on. One night, he surprised myself by e-mailing the  proposed route! I was excited, ecstatic and overwhelmed as it started to hit me, ' While we are lobbying for returned bus services we also go for good things. Good things the community wants and needs. Mount Druitt and people of Mount Druitt deserve it!'

So far in the last week, I have provided petitions to the following businesses that are supporting the Free Shuttle Bus Petition': Seven-Eleven, Mount Druitt Mall, Summer Coffee Lounge, Mount Druitt Dawson Mall, Asian Butcher & Seafood Mount Druitt Dawson Mall, Gift-ware Mount Druitt Dawson Mall, Mount Druitt Hub Library, Mount Druitt Senior Citizens and Wise Employment Mount Druitt.

Now, before anybody says that the free shuttle bus will reduce  shoppers in Westfield Mount Druitt, in fact it gives shoppers a  better choice to shop away from the major shops, return to the major sopping centre and find it more accessible to get around, to complete all tasks.

The benefits mean more and more community pride towards the community and the business within the community bringing  these closer together, a win win for all. The positives outweigh the negatives, don't they?

As for Westfield, they have been issued with the petition and the recommendation to support a petition. We will wait for their response.

Last time we spoke to them, the staff made us then feel cold to provide this improvement in public transport, since then we believe there  is new management. We will wait and learn as we reach our goals with the petitions 10,000 signatures.


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