Saturday, March 16, 2013

Petition Signatures Collected - My Bag Also Collected!

Where do I start? Actually How do I finish this blog?

Well I am shattered, disgusted and shaking with fear as to what has happened to me today! I have been asking myself how could this happen to me?

This morning I thought I'd get out of home early, commute to Mount Druitt via Busways 755 and set up a petition stand. The idea was to collect signatures from the community  for the free shuttle bus around the hub of Mount Druitt. I started  with a few negatives, waiting for 18 year olds or over to approach for their signatory on the petition.

The negatives was because a lot of these people were workers and had to rush to the train station on time. Then slowly but surely people started to listen and learn and sign - ending up with approximately 58 signatures all up!

People were walking past saying 'no' and once heard the word 'Free' walked up straight away, ears popping up a hundred per cent attentive providing their support of it. One question I was asking a few people is, 'If we do get this service, will they travel or use it?' No one said 'No'! That was a good sign by itself!

A great part of this morning was when one lady came up and said, 'My husband told me to come to you to sign a Free shuttle bus petition' (he had already signed it) and at another time, one young man said I remember you, You were the one that got the 755 back'. I replied as I always do, 'I only steered the group and the community got the bus back!'

I was enjoying myself but I made one stupid mistake - as I was talking to people, I left my bag beside the garbage bin on the set down walkway junction of the Mount Druitt Interchange and the corner of Dawson Mall. I walked within paces of the bag, whilst speaking to people. Oblivious to myself, my bag had been stolen whilst I was petitioning. The two ladies I spoke too then said it was their fault that it happened and I disagreed.

I trust the people of Mount Druitt - yet there is a small  group of people that may not be trusted. There was something that was spinning in my head. I was doing what I classify as doing something good for the community and behind my back. This person or people would have seen that I was doing this and took it to their great advantage to steal something that meant a lot to me, as I felt I was left naked. 

The most important things that I was concerned about was my mobile phone, USB drive, id card for work, some important documents, my reading glasses and my prepared lunch for the day.

I walked in the Direction of Mount Druitt Police Station and then changed direction to Westfield as I thought cancelling and ensuring the mobile is barred straight away. This was then organised with the telecommunication company that my phone contract was with. The lady that served me - even ensured I contact the police. She was prepared to allow police into the shop. As I contacted the Police Assist Line, the gentleman who took my call was so great, calm and reassuring. I was told these petty criminals will take what is expensive and leave the rest. 

The police also will request for CCTV tapes, to see if they can make any identification of the petty criminal, to assist in the investigation. In my hands I had the petition folder, envelopes of blank petitions and a pen. I was left abandoned by hope and forlorn, the feeling that I felt inside.

Yet I believe in building your own strength to carry on. I purchased a new bag (as I believed I would never see my bag again). My  lovely daughter, I bumped into (so to say) thought my wallet was stolen as well. It wasn't - she gave me $10 to purchase my lunch. I  refused , yet she slipped the note in my hand.

I arrived at work with problems reading the PC, struggled to read, until I received an e-mail at 1.50pm advising that the bag was handed in to Wentworthville train station. I felt a sudden gasp of relief as air pushed out of lungs with such happy emotion. 

The Station assistant was terrific, nice and had superb customer service skills. I was able to arrange to pick up the bag in the afternoon, checked the bag and all but the mobile phone was taken.

I was able to eat my lunch and be at peace. If the person/people are found - besides the return of the mobile, I would like just an explanation as why someone would do this behind my back. Especially if they knew that I was doing something good for the community? What have I done wrong to them? I do not want them to be convicted as I think if they really knew who I was there's a high chance it would not have happened.

So far, I would like to thank the police officers that I spoke too, the station assistant at Wentworthville and the Telecommunications Officer I spoke to today - you are all great and made me  a much better person then I was when I discovered what happened to me!

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